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14 June 2008 | Overheard

As promised, here are some additional choice quotations and exchanges from the construction workers putting a hole in the side of our abode:

“Next questions is, who’s got balls enough to get it up there.”

“I can do it right or left, it don’t matter to me.”

“I don’t want anyone gettin’ hurt, especially on the head.”

A: “If that falls on me, I’m gonna hit you upside the head.”
B: “If it falls on you, you ain’t gonna be able to.”

A: “You were looking up my skirt. Tell the truth.”
B: “I had my eyes closed.”
A: “You were looking up my skirt.”
(Two guys talking)

I don’t spend my day eavesdropping, really, I don’t.


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For years and years, artists have looked for secrets in nature. They completely miss the point. There are no secrets — there are no laws — there is no beauty out there. If they are there, it is because we, as human beings, put them there. It is all in the individual himself/herself, his/her own noble perception — and that is where to look.
— Faber Birren, Science and Technology in the Arts, 1974.