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07 July 2012 | Brain Kibble: Soapy Robot Edition

Kenneth A. Huff; Strange Attractions series; 2012; final medium to be determined. Kenneth A. Huff; Strange Attractions series; 2012; final medium to be determined.

First, they were leaping seconds, now they’re smearing time.

“The first airship was constructed for his own use”

Humanity’s robot orbiting Saturn has recorded yet another amazing view” (my emphasis).

“…two tons of my bubbles are floating about the world…”
— Charles V. Boys, in the preface to Soap-Bubbles, Their Colours and the Forces Which Mould Them

The photographic works of Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison.

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The road to happiness does not end with a ring on your finger. Glass slippers are tucked within the hearts of strong and amazing women who have romanced themselves with adventures of hope and assurance. I believe that where there is hope, there is love. For the brokenhearted, there is healing. For the lonely, there is comfort. For the weary, there is rest. For the anguished, there is peace.
— Christy H. Williams

28 June 2012 | Brain Kibble: June 2012 Edition

Kenneth A. Huff; Strange Attractions series; 2012; final medium to be determined. Kenneth A. Huff; Strange Attractions series; 2012; final medium to be determined.

This is kinda lovely. Those location- and orientation-aware camera phones are living up to their promise.

Ferrofluids and pigments. And a video (bottom of page). The fact that this is happening at a macroscopic level just makes it all the more yummy.

How far to the next star?

On the 30th, don’t forget to enjoy your extra second. (Background information, how to catch one for yourself and formally.) I didn’t know there were authorities responsible for the distribution of time.

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Play becomes celebration; celebration becomes work; work becomes play.
Our play should become work; our work, a celebration; and our celebration, play.
I regard this as the supreme excellence of the human tasks
— Johannes Itten, “our play, our party, our work”, lecture, 1919

04 June 2012 | Rebooting this here blog, here...

Error establishing a database connection Fixed!

It has been a while, huh?

Lots of changes for me. Wrapped up four-and-one-half years of teaching in the Visual Effects department at Savannah College of Art and Design last May and then packed my bags for Singapore, where I am working as an in-house technical trainer for Lucasfilm. I am planning to be here for at least another year…

On the artwork front, momentum has built up on a very long-term project, Strange Attractions. Things are progressing nicely, but more on that soon…

A sneak peek at *Strange Attractions* Kenneth A. Huff; Strange Attractions series; 2012; final medium to be determined.

I have been doing some traveling…

Hong Kong…

Finger wagging in Hong Kong


Joyous noise in Agra


Thai temple guard

So far…

Ellipsis-ly yours…


P.S. I snuck in some posts, earlier in the month (before the online version of this blog actually was functional and visible), regarding brain kibble and the use of quotations in this here blog, here. Sneaky, huh?

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There are silences harder to take back than words.
— James Richardson

24 May 2012 | Collected words

Over the years, I have amassed a collection of quotations, quips, aphorisms, turns of phrase, etc. that inspire me, remind me of the path I want to follow or just make me think. After each blog entry, there is a random selection from this collection.

Many of the quotations are related to creativity (any creative process). These often resonate deeply with me in my personal creative practice. Others are related to my/our place in this big, complicated world/universe.

If the words strike a chord in your noggin, I suggest that you do what I do — write them down somewhere, then and there. The same quotation won’t be in the same place for long…

You have been warned…

[Insert slightly-maniacal laughter here — along the lines of “Wah-ha-HA!”]

To left of the quotations, you will find wee little thumbnails of photographs, currently from my 2006 Fallen forms, found series. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. Like the quotations, these images will move around…

Kenneth A. Huff; Fallen forms, found; 2006; photography. Kenneth A. Huff;Fallen forms, found series; 2006; photography.

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The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
— Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

26 June 2010 | 2010.1, a new time-based work

I just finished the final rendering of the time-based work that I mentioned at the end of a previous post. I completed much of the work on this piece while in Salina.

2010.1 from Kenneth A. Huff on Vimeo. If you can, watch it full-screen, HD on and Scaling off.

The piece is a single-channel, 1920x1080, 24 fps, 25 minutes. Shown above is a 2-minute excerpt.

Here are some stills from the piece. Click on each for a full image.

Still from 2010.1; Kenneth A. Huff; 2010.

Still from 2010.1; Kenneth A. Huff; 2010.

Still from 2010.1; Kenneth A. Huff; 2010.

Still from 2010.1; Kenneth A. Huff; 2010.

Update: On the technical side, I used Side Effects Software’s Houdini and Adobe After Effects to create the piece. For the main surface, I used the Houdini Ocean Toolkit by Drew Whitehouse, based on the algorithms of Jerry Tessendorf. A custom shader was applied to the surface and an initial base rendering was created using Houdini’s hardware rendering. The base frames were rendered at 1.5 times final size (2880x1620). Those frames then were finished in After Effects. Total render time for 36,000 frames was approximately 250 hours.

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The longest journey begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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