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Kenneth A. Huff’s creative practice has a strong technical aspect overlapping with many of the techniques of visual effects and computer animation. These techniques, in addition to his experiences as an independent fine artist and commercial graphic designer, have formed the basis for much of his teaching activities.

The following topics can be covered singly or in combination. Breadth and depth of coverage is tailored to the audience and available time.

Introductory to advanced Maya and Houdini.Advanced topics include look development (including non-photorealistic/stylized), expressions, scripting, rendering, cloth, fur, particles, brush-based tools, dynamics, fluids, procedural modeling and stereoscopic images.

Programming and scripting, including introductory and advanced Maya MEL scripting, Python scripting (Maya, Houdini and standalone), database development (Apple FileMaker), PHP scripting for web development, Processing, and math for computer graphics artists. Scripting and programming topics are presented in an artist-friendly manner, with emphasis on practical problem solving and pipeline development through integration of existing tools.

Look development for computer graphics (shading and rendering), with particular emphasis on Maya and mental ray. Topics include procedural techniques (basic and advanced), image-based techniques (photographic and digital paint), Photoshop for texturing, mental ray subsurface scattering materials (fast and physical), mental ray mia_material_x, creation of mental ray phenomena in Maya, Maya Fur, non-photorealistic rendering (including Maya’s Toon shading), rendering of ultra-high resolution images and displacement. Special emphasis is placed on concept development, research and preparation of reference materials.

Stereoscopic imaging, including the history and current state of technology along with photographic and CGI techniques.

Professional practices for independent fine artists and visual effects artists. Topics include portfolio and identity development, presentation skills, self-maintained web sites, database management and documentation of work.

Additional software proficiencies include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Dreamweaver. Ken is completely comfortable working in Mac, Windows and Linux environments.

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